Spiral Chandelier

The Standard Spiral Chandelier has a ∅600mm plate and a 2.1m drop.

As with all of our products, other sizes & designs can be made on request.  Simplycontact us with your required width or length change and we will send you a quotation, a site visit can be arranged should you need advice or input from our designers.  Popular additions such as remote control, static or colour change surface mount LEDs, drop lights etc can all be included in your own bespoke chandelier.

A winch for this or any of our chandeliers should be considered if access for maintenance or cleaning is challenging, this way your chandelier can be lowered to a safe working position whilst also disconnecting the power, further information on our winches can be found by clicking here.

If the live chat icon is available at the bottom of this page, you can speak with one of our design team now!

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