The Glitz Chandelier is one of our most stunning compact chandeliers, using unique glassworks to both create a look of delicate but solid construction along with a fantastic ability to allow the light to be absorbed and distrubuted evenly through the piece and penetrate into the room.  Finished with high quality lead glass crystals which have excellent refractive qualities, giving an aray of rainbow colours.

The lighting itself is provided by cool blue low wattage LEDs which have a calming effect and is the ideal setting for relaxing infront of the TV or above a dining table for a romatic evening.  Upgrade options for the LEDs include colour change, strobe, flash etc and any static colour available.  The main lighting is provided by 12v capsule halogen bulbs which give a very nice white light, or yellow depending on the wattage and type.

The unit is controlled remotely in 3 stages as standard and can be set to blue, 1st level lighting, 2nd level lighting or any combination of the 3.
All of our furniture & lighting is designed and produced by us, you can choose to alter the styles, lengths or looks of any of our items to suit your environment or taste.  Bespoke items are our speciality and if you have an idea you would like to develop into a unique item for your home or business please contact us to discuss it.  You will find that it is easier to achieve your ideal piece, whether it be a small change or complete redesign, than you think as we are specialists in this field.


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